This was a fun project. In 2020, aligned with a new Netlife strategy to reintroduce some personality and go back to our somewhat-punk roots, we (Marte Veys Berg, Ragnhild Schei and I) developed a concept which would involve the entire company creating content for our visual identity.

Specifically, we held drawing workshops where participants (i.e. Netlifers) were tasked with drawing things they enjoy doing outside of work, and things they often work with at Netlife. Without knowing so at the time, we would then sift through the hundreds of drawings resulting from this and develop a visual style which attempts to strike a balance between keeping the quirky characteristics of the drawings, and smoothing out the style so that they can all sit together as one.

I was responsible for redrawing and defining this vector based style, from deciding on stroke thickness, to scaling and how much detail to keep or discard. Colour was boosted from the pastels of our previous profile and reintroduced to the rest of the identity, which is still mostly based on the custom Netlife Sans typeface. Together with Marte, Ragnhild and Dag Helge Scott among others, we worked on tooling to allow the whole of Netlife to use these in whatever context was necessary — from website, blog, to customer presentations and event rollups.

The core concept is that these should be simple enough to create a great variety, and lend themselves to endless combinations for illustrating different themes. Particular attention was given to creating colour variations especially for many of the human characters, to give a diverse set of options. As of now there are roughly 150+ illustrations, not counting variations and it is a work in progress as we hold further workshops with new employees and to cover new needs that may arise.
Marte has written about the process here.

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