The Norwegian Nurses Organisation (Norsk Sykepleierforbund / NSF) is an organisation devoted to nurses rights, working conditions and salary. With the aim of highlighting the political efforts they take on behalf of nurses, as well as recruiting and keeping members, Netlife worked with NSF to redesign a streamlined, targeted while at the same time revising and simplifying their visual profile.
Our goals in tackling a redesign of were to heavily simplify and prioritise important content for both nurses and those users targeted in the political domain. This involved interviews and surveys of users, production of new content, alongside an upheaval of the existing digital visual profile.
The previous website, with over 80,000 articles, inconsistent typography and a wide variety of imagery and differing illustration styles was a large obstacle in presenting a unified and memorable visual identity. Not least of all were accessibility challenges — especially colour contrast.
With only the organisation’s logo off the cards for redesign (we chose to use its most streamlined form) we radically simplified the digital visual profile. From multiple typefaces, unnecessary visual dressing, muddy colours and inconsistent illustrations, we chose to go with one clean, contemporary sans typeface (GT America, two weights, sized large), a horizontal-only stroke element, generous whitespace, a mostly monotone colour palette and a set of 10 colourful, friendly but precise illustrations by Martina Paukova. The contrast and balance between the stripped down type driven layout and illustrations was key in achieving an approachable but professional identity.
I was responsible for graphic design, early html/css prototype and art direction of the illustrations. Linn Eriksen also contributed early graphic design and analysis alongside the rest of the Netlife team of interaction designer (Kevin Bodi), content (Marte Gråberg) and project management (Erle Heli). Development by Frontkom / Ramsalt.
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